The name of this organization shall be Cedar Valley Manufacturers Association (CVMA). ARTICLE II History Cedar Valley Manufacturers Association was formed in 1977 by a small group of area manufacturers, with the help of C.I.R.A.S., to establish a forum for the exchange of ideas and common problems. ARTICLE III Purpose The purpose and goal of the Cedar Valley Manufacturers Association is to promote and serve industry in the multi-county area centering around Waterloo with an organized approach to free enterprise, education and positive legislative relations. It is also CVMAs purpose to promote the exchange of ideas among members and organizations on areas of common concern and of mutual benefit to both industry and the Cedar Valley community. ARTICLE IV Objectives The objectives of the Cedar Valley Manufacturers Association are directed to the encouragement of entrepreneurship, free enterprise and economic development by:

Sharing technical knowledge among members to improve productivity, employee relations and the understanding of government regulations.
Promoting cooperation among manufacturers with the Association and the Cedar Valley area.
Encouraging cooperation, support and exchange other pro-business organizations.
Providing education and training in areas common to the interest and needs of the members.
Visiting each others facilities in order to better understand the diversity of our area economy.

ARTICLE V Membership
Section 1 Active:
The CVMA shall be composed of active member companies and/or individuals who have paid their yearly dues, in full, and are entitled to vote as an active member at regularly scheduled meetings.
Section 2 Inactive:
Inactive members shall be composed of past active member companies and/or individuals who have not yet paid their yearly dues.

The proceedings of the meeting shall be governed by and conducted according to the Revised Roberts Rules of Order. Section 2 Quorum: At all membership meetings, 10% of the active members shall constitute a quorum.
Section 3 Voting:
Any active member company shall be entitled to cast one vote. This vote can be cast when in attendance at any regularly scheduled meeting (or scheduled special with meeting proper notice). This vote can also be cast in writing or e-mail response as requested, and must be received three (3) days prior to the meeting in which the vote is to be taken.

The President shall preside over all meetings, appoint ad-hoc committees as needed, and coordinate all committees and officers for the proper conduct of the Associations business. Section 2 Vice President: The Vice President shall arrange and schedule programs for monthly meetings, ensure the distribution of news releases, assist the President as needed and conduct the meetings in the absence of the President. Section 3 Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer, or other representative appointed by the Executive Committee, shall maintain a current list of members with addresses and phone numbers, take and ensure the reporting and distribution of the minutes of past and current meetings, maintain financial records and ensure a process for storage of archive records, collect membership dues, pay bills, maintain a current and balanced account, and prepare a yearly account summary. Section 4 Election and Term: Election of officers for the ensuing year shall be held during the May meeting. The term of elected officers shall start beginning July 1st and end June 30th. All officer nominations must be submitted by the membership no later than the end of February of the previous year of election of officers.

Section 1 President:Section 1 Proceedings: